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1.Makes sounds on his bass that make my insides jiggle like jello…aw yeah!!
2.Looks at times like the quintessential demon of Christian lore yet posses a compelling beauty
3.Looks like a bad boy but sounds like an angel
4.Definitely the most intriguing member of SOAD
5.Did I mention he plays the sexiest musical instrument in the sexiest band on the planet!!!
There are no examples...Shavo is an original.
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
A fucking genius on bass.

Nicely built.

Belongs to the best band to ever grace any Earth . . . . If you don't know System, then you are a retarded turd.

Goes by the name Tactic as a DJ.
Shavo Odadjian should have his own talk show for injured puppies.
by SOAD rules December 23, 2003
god among bassists, with a kickass goatee and attitude. see genius or flea or fieldy
I play bass 4 hours a day to try to be like shavo.
by not as dumb as you December 10, 2003
Kick ass bassist of System of a Down, my IDOL, and pretty hot now that I think of it.
by Darla Washington November 07, 2003
I don't know how to say that in english... he's the best! ma raison de vivre!!! I love him heureusement qu'il est là avec ses compères de soad
well, GOD!
by shiva December 28, 2003