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Pronunciation: \sh-å-n-dra\
Function: noun
Etymology: Awesome language
Date: now, then, forever

1 capitalized : a truly astounding female, worshipped by all mankind, but especially by their boyfriends
Guy1: Man my girlfriend sucks
Guy2: You should have got youself a Shaundra, they're amazing
by M. Erriam Webster February 03, 2010
A classy girl/woman. Intelligent. Loves to learn. Organized. Fun. Somewhat flirty. Beautiful smile. Nice skin tone. Cleans daily. Loves to make people smile and laugh. Sometimes instigates. Sexy in her own unique way.
I love me some Shaundra
by tyler444 May 26, 2012
A black girl's name.
or a really short white girl.
any guy who can see straight: Dzamn girl what's yo' name?

Shaundra: I'm Shaundra

Same guy or any other guy: call ME later! ;D
by soumawsumguy2000 January 19, 2010