The British spelling of the Irish name Sean used in this way to usurp Ireland's place in history.

Like what they did with Northern Ireland.

"Give Ireland back to the Irish!"
sean: what ur name, dude
shaun: shaun
sean: spell it the correct way
shaun: S-H-A-U-N
sean: naw dude, thats the fascist way of spelling it
shaun: DUDE!
by Sean O'Conner April 10, 2008
Top Definition
An amazing person someone you'll never forget. Someone strong and wise. He might not always be serious or very nice but he will always trying to be doing the right things. Very strong and intelligent. Is there when you need him. A jerk at times but he will always make up for it. And a very good looking person as well.
Wow! I think he should be Shaun not a Rob. He does seem to act like a Shaun.
by yo superman April 06, 2009
Australian Slang For An Extremely Large Male Reproductive Organ
His Girlfriend Loved His Large Shaun.
by Large Bruce June 19, 2005
Shaun is the guy who gets the smart, sexy girl. He is smart, funny, and almost always right. He is also extremely tall and only kinda blond. He can be very abrasive but is extremely caring when you get to know him.

If you've never been in love this is the guy you'll fall for.
Girl: I love you.

Shaun: **strokes hair**

(Queer in a good way)
by friend_ofa_friend March 05, 2010
the best thing a girl could ever ask for. a respectful man that is caring, athletic and knows how to treat a girl. will fight anyone that needs to be put in there place to make sure nothing goes wrong. a town hero.
girl1: i heard you were going out with shaun, is it true?
girl2: yes, i am!
girl1: you're so lucky hes a great guy.
by luckiegirl777 April 12, 2011
Old english name that refers to the rightful king that will enounce himself to the country in the year 2010.
It was written about in acient texts that are now held in an MI5 secrets vault in there head quaters in London, England.
From Acient English text:
"and his name will be Shaun and he shall behead the wrong monachy to reveal his status and the year will be two thousand and ten year after the birth of the saviour jesus christ"
by Shaun-the-pimp October 31, 2007
The most incredible person I have ever met. The one person that knows what I am thinking and when there is something wrong even before I know myself. The person that has my heart in it's entirety and the guy I love more than words can describe.
I love you Shaun
by Leothatlovesyou July 23, 2011
The ideal guy, perfect son, father, friend, confidant, lover, role-model. A true man’s man, embraces that protector role. Extremely intelligent and educated, a very complex-thinker (at times can be an over-thinker). Willing to compromise but once he has made a decision there has been extreme thought put into it and there is no swaying his decision. Ambitious in his career and personal life, won’t settle for mediocrity. Outgoing, extremely personable and craves involvement in an array of organizations, feels the need to do his part to better the world. Kind, sensitive, thoughtful, dependable and at times these characteristics can give off mixed signals as being overly flirtatious. God-fearing, sexy, kind, loyal, very affectionate, romantic, and incredible at expressing his feelings both verbally and written. When with him, he makes it seem like no one else in the world exists…most amazing eyes and smile.
Everyone should be as lucky as me to have a Shaun in her life! I love you baby!
by your biggest fan2013 December 27, 2012
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