A disease of celebrities wherein they rise to notoriety with a particular role, and it threatens to typecast and destroy their career forever. Named for William Shatner, whose love-hate relationship with his Star Trek character James T. Kirk, both originated and imprisoned, extended and hounded much of his professional career.

In rare cases, such as with William Shatner himself, the disease mutates and gives the victim the ability to rise above and become a teflon parody/iconic legend of themself.
Examples of Shatner Syndrome are almost every principal actor from every Star Trek series, Jim Nabors, Pee-wee Hermann, Hulk Hogan and the entire cast of Seinfeld, aside from Jerry Seinfeld.
by Grafikman December 20, 2010
Top Definition
Talking with many awkward pauses in one's speech, to try and make whatever one is saying more impressive and/or dramatic. Named after William Shatner, who had a severe case of it while playing Captian Kirk.
William Shatner: "Mr. Sulu! Ahead! Warp factor six! Engage!"
Mr. Sulu: "Captain, your Shatner syndrome again."
by Alexandrei June 25, 2007
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