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Adjective describing things that are messed up or wrong
That Girls face is shasty.
by Wes Rivers August 06, 2004
The act of killings ones vibe
shasty can be a noun, verb, or adjective
Noun-Look at that shasty
Verb-Stop shasting me bob
Adjective-someone is shasty today
by the guywho invented shasty2014 January 09, 2014
the act of taking a shit and a masty (masturbation) at the same time.
Also see Spanish double-backhander shasty
The boy slipped off into the corner of the club for a sleazy shasty.
by Cannot June 17, 2008
adjective. something that is cool or ssaaawweeeeet.Something that is baallliiinnn.
dude, you are pretty freakin shasty!
by a shasty girl December 18, 2006
A version of "sure" invented expressly to rhyme with "nasty"
Ewww...Frank is nasty fo shasty!
by Jekka March 24, 2004
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