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place where 99 out of 100 people are Jewish. Bar Mitzvahs are abundant and everyone walks on Saturdays except for the 1%.
"Dude, this temple has almost as many Jews as Sharon, Massachusetts"
by Floppers McPloppers May 30, 2009
A town in Massachusetts with a great school system and nice people. The best teacher in the school system is a middle school teacher named Esme Sammons.
I love living in Sharon, Massachusetts it is the best town ever!
by someonenamedsomethingelse November 03, 2012
a town in Massachusetts; lower echelons of the upper class: decay in a cloud of pot smoke; yuppie, middle-aged white parents, who enjoy the country clubs their parents may have been exluded from, recreated the mold: yuppie, teenaged white children, who wish their parents were black gansta rappers from compton, emphasize the mold
Hey, Tom, I was wondering if you wanted to score some pot in Sharon, Massachusetts.
by ER Cornell August 18, 2009

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