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A beautiful name that any girl would be extremely lucky to have. It's unusual and unique. A derivative of the name Charlotte, it means "little and womanly". It is French in origin.
My name is Sharla, or Sharly.
by cnimngrl July 06, 2008
very pretty name. not very popular, but any girl would be lucky to have this name. sharla is cute, and a good kisser. very kind, and you'd be lucky to have a friend with this name
sharla is so cute , i love her
by alanalanabanana September 25, 2011
a girl who is very fake and always changes friends.lies that she is rich but very good at english language and acting. she is very pretty but fat and overweight.
"that girl is so pretty!but i think she need to workout!"gladyn whispered to her friend, regina. regina replied "ooh she's sharla!".
by radshitkid March 26, 2016
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