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"Awesome". Used when something is incredible beyond mere words.

Also a synonym for "Dude", in that it can mean "hey" or "whoah" or "crazy"

Never EVER used with "That's so . . . " or "How incredibly . . ." before it.

In short, it's the everyword.
"You see that buffet? Sharkle"

"You fell on your face? Sharkle"

"Sharkle, dude. How's it going?"
by Nickstermin8r September 14, 2009
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When gay guys fart causing shitty glitter to fly out of their ass.
Gay Bob is so gay he doesn't just fart anymore. He sharkles.
by Billlthecat January 07, 2014
Sharkle is short for A Shark Tale. An Awesome brand.
A Shark Tale
A Sharkle
by xambs September 17, 2013
A sparkle that comes out of your ass. Especially from a gay man's ass.
Brett, did you just leave sharkles on the couch?
by b.radx7 January 01, 2011
When you go to fart and end up tinkling and shitting instead.
Dude, I started to fart and accidently sharkled!

Damn Sharkles, look at my underwear!
by MGM-SSC November 15, 2010

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