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Organization created by Seattle rapper Macklemore. Support real hip-hop by looking beneath the mainstream. Don't be ignorant.

P.S. the person who created the other definition knows nothing about hip-hop. This is evident because he is a fan of Wiz Khalifa, a sellout rapper whose content consists of weed, haters, bitches, money, cars.
Taylor gang? That's pussy shit. Sharkface Gang kills it
by RealHipHop29 February 27, 2012
Term that Seattle's Macklemore began using that trended on Twitter! Basically means "group of awesome people," but no one is really sure. It's just kind of fun to say. And type.
Dude, I am totally in #sharkfacegang!
by sharkfacegangftw March 08, 2011
The name of an upcoming rap group, started by macklemore. the idea being similiar to those like the taylor gang or young money.
Billy: yo dude, you hear dat new taylor gang rap man, incredibly dope.

Ted: i guess so, but that new Shark Face Gang stuff is mindblowing.
by Grey Power Ranger January 01, 2012
A copy of Wiz Khalifa's "taylor gang" a complete failure because it was originated from Macklemore, a rapper from Seattle. Kids who claim they are a part of the SharkFace Gang are usually rich white kids who think their "hood"
look at that fake motha fucka, he must be in the SharkFace gang!!!
by DontFuckWitThisNiggah April 22, 2011
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