The wave of mutilation left after having sex while a woman is on her period (shark week). Cleanup can be quite messy.
Honey, it's shark week and I'm not in the mood to clean up after a shark attack.
by tacotron August 26, 2007
Leaving work early due to an unforseen attack by the legendary office shark.
Oh god! Searing chest pain! I think I'm having a shark attack - I'm going home.
by Maxwell Power June 29, 2006
The shark attack is a sexual act in which the woman is standing naked against a wall with ass-cheeks spread. The man then puts his hands above his head as to form a shark fin...then sprints full speed toward the woman yelling "Shark Attack!" and penetrates her without mercy.

Be careful not to break your dick off...I will not be held responsible for any injuries that occur while attempting this risky maneuver.
Damn...that bitch liked it rough! I put her up against the wall and gave her the shark attack.
by tysi1521 March 16, 2007
when you take a shit and you look in the toilet bowl and it is filled with blood. it looks like there was a shark attack in the toilet bowl.
Dude, I took a nasty shit and I shark attacked the bowl. It was awesome!
by John Attardo January 11, 2007
the peace sign with the pinky out, the first two fingers into the coochie and the pinky into the booty. aka the shocker two in the pink, one in the stink
i played with the clit to lull her into a false sense of security, then BAM! the shark attack. but to my surprise, she was into it, then i got nervous.
by viciousk May 07, 2008
When you fuck a girl, you punch her kidneys, until she shoots blood out of her ass.
When I did her up the as, I attacked her shark style, and got a cherry lollipop. She screamed like a dying whale, dat waz da shit.
by Ben December 14, 2003
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