eating pussy while the girl is on her period
I think Brad it a cannibal, I just started my period, but he gave me the best shark attack ever!
by Jaron_1 December 04, 2006
A practical joke in which an individual confronts another person from behind in a body of water, pulling down their pants, and thrusting viciously while the victim screams in terror.

In commemoration of Shark Week.
Kelly was minding her own business in the community pool when suddenly Austin gave her a Shark Attack in front of everyone.

Dude 1: Hey, why was Kevin so mad at you today?
Dude 2: Nothin' much. I just gave him a Shark attack in front of his girlfriend and he whined like a little sissy.
Dude 1: Not cool dude, yet very cool at the same time!
Dude 2: Word.
by herocheetah191 August 05, 2010
A shark attack is between a man and a woman, when they are watching a movie or some sort of other entertainment. during this entertainment the two shark specimens engage in some sort of sexual activity, the male shark attacks the female shark thus making the female shark moan.hence, resulting in a successful shark attack.

girl shark: OOOHHHHH!;D
girlfriend: deengg baby, that was an amazing shark attack last night, lets have another real soon!=]
boyfriend: ah yesss, anytime:]
by ah yesss, im an unknown March 18, 2009
An especially entertaining/exotic form of intercourse that involves one (1) female and one (1) male...

1) The nude female, bending at the waist, placing her hands on a wall or a chair

2) The nude male, putting his hands together over his head to form a "fin", hums the "Jaws" attack theme while approaching the female from behind, crescendoing as he gets nearer. The song climaxes as the male reaches/enters the female.
See "Jaws"...specifically the part with the shark's like that
by Matt Delornoe December 05, 2008
A word that is frequently used, and confuses Sofia DeDondesteve out of her mind
Marc: Hey man what's up

Drew: Nothin' much just got a shark attack in Math class
Sofia: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!!!!!!!!
by rogers9615 March 10, 2011
When in preparation for intercourse have your mate, buddy whatev paint a target on their hind-end (archer style) while both hands are on a hard surface (walls are perferred). Now while you prepare yourself with your custom fitted mexican wrestler Shark mask stand 5 yards away (cause you'll want a running start) and with a highly erect penis charge. Try it a few times practice makes perfect.
So we were playing Shark Attack last night and I keep pissing sideways.
by coffeyman January 30, 2011
Man and woman having sex. The woman sits in a folding chair while the man pumps from in front of her. Right before the man finishes he lifts the front of the fold chair up knocking the woman on her back with the folding chair collapsing on her ass like a shark bite!
Man: She thought we were cool but I was still pissed off, so last night I gave her a shark attack and shot it on her chin!
by Killa1031 June 06, 2009
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