When a woman ties a man down and forces cunnilingus on him during her menstrual cycle.
"My ex cheated on me, so I shark attacked his ass."
by Mitsukaiuka June 21, 2014
A powerful concoction of vodka and pineapple with a splash of blue Curacao and a splash of grenadine. It must be mixed in that order for proper effect (which is somewhat similar to that of a Tequila Sunrise). The Curacao and grenadine sweeten it, but they're mostly for color.
In Savannah, Georgia a splash of Coke is added to give the drink the look of the murky sea water of Tybee Island. This is called a Tybee Shark Attack.
by RedneckSatyr June 03, 2011
The process by which a menstruating female neglects to flush a used tampon, leaving it to steep in stagnant toilet water, thus creating a violent swirl of blood upon the next flushing. The succeeding flushing is typically performed by a frustrated male counterpart.
After one too many shark attacks, the husband filed for divorce.
by throughcelluloid July 10, 2009
Noun: A play in footvolley where the player scores by smashing the ball with the sole of his/her foot above the net onto the other team's side.
Man, did you see that ridiculous 'shark attack'?

Yea .. he destroyed it! Nice point!
by BeachKing January 17, 2012
When you say something aloud to a friend and he or she repeats what you said with a rhyming word in a way that makes no sense whatsoever.
Lloyd - "Hey, did you see that shark swimming in the water?"

Sarah - "What? I don't see a park."

Lloyd - "SHARK ATTACK!!"
by Eat At Fido's July 21, 2011
When you have a girl laying on a bed, naked, and you surprise her by sneaking into the room, while prone, and jumping up to give her oral sex.
Dude: How did you like that Shark Attack last night?

Girl: You scared the Shit outta me!
by KodsterJonester June 19, 2011
Occurs when a guy and a girl are having sex and the male proceeds to oral sex. During oral sex the male bites the girls clitoris, flips her over, and sticks his penis in her butt. While the man is doing this, he raises his arms to the top of his head and completes the appearance of a shark fin with his hands.
Guy 1: "Hey, I heard you shark attacked that girl last night."

Guy 2: "Wait, what did I do?"

Guy 1: "Shark Week!" *raises hands above head to create a shark fin*
by <--^---< January 19, 2011

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