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Indian name meaning lion(ess). RRRRROOOOAAARRRR
Look at that wild pride of Shardules.
by Batman, Caped Crusader April 19, 2004
18 8
* Boy with boobs
* Tit Man
* Saggy boobs
* Beer Chugging Alcholic Girlhumping alongsideATMfucking homo
If i had a child like a shardule i would consider suicide
by Neighbor with the treadmill July 14, 2003
49 11
A fan that is very true to his ever-struggling baseball teams
Look at all those Shardules in Boston. oh look, theres some in Cleveland too!
by Tsz Ho April 26, 2004
22 5
One who is the shit.
Shardule Pankajkumar Shah
by Shardule July 10, 2003
5 26