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a fantabulous place on the NJ shoreline where celebrities like Shaq Kobe Bryant and Gary Coleman live
I am going to shaq city on thursday
by Carlos Santos September 16, 2003
The best place on Earth, if you can get there. The city I showed to the masses. Guarded by The Silver Coy.
I am going on an expedition to get to Shaq City. Can you show me the way, JRK?
by TLD January 31, 2004
The city that I created.
Yo, that wack-ass Justin Ray-Keeffe created Shaq City, muthagak!
by JRK September 22, 2003
Home of the Silver Coy!

(JRK is Apesheet. This carbon-based life form is only a co-creator)
HUNTINGTON STATION IS UNDER ATTAQ. Let us venture to Shaq City, home of the Silver Coy, and hire them to perform a mission! 631-$MONEYTON$............
by apesheet February 06, 2004
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