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A freaking hot girl with a sexy body. Easily one of the sexiest girls alive.
i cream my pants everytime i see shanyn
by jwbgvreluvbreberobiebrnerlenr August 28, 2008
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An unusual way to spell the name 'Shannon' - an Irish name meaning wise or ancient one. This could mean they are old souls.

Shanyn's are very sensitive and shy most of the time but can be loud, crazy and silly. They are quite smart and modest and will not easily take a compliment. They are bookworms and have a very passionate creative streak. They will often hide away from the world when they are sad, upset or angry and often have short-tempers. They are usually quite organised and have a knack for learning new languages. Most Shanyn's have dark hair and green or blue eyes.

Some possible careers might be nurse, teacher, artist, author, zoo-keeper, secretary, interior decorater/designer, architectural designer
P1: Who's that girl over there?
P2: That's Shanyn. She's really shy.
P3: But I've heard she's really awesome once you get to know her!
P1: We should go talk to her!
by Sassi_Girl December 20, 2011

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