A hole or large rut in a backyard hockey rink, pond or any large ice surface.
I was about to pull the Sidney Crosby but I tripped in the shanty and broke my wrist.
by Jeff James March 21, 2007
Shorts that look like panties
I love that girls outfit, but her shanties are giving her a cameltoe.
by Slave2therave December 29, 2012
Rubbish, or displeasing.
This website is shanty
by mkk December 24, 2005
from the irish sean (old) and ti (house)
taim i mo chonai sa seanti.
(I live in the old house.)
by zebedee January 22, 2005
(noun) A large black female's vagina. Often referring to those who live in the projects.
exp. Dude I pounded Sheniqua's shanty last night, it was awesome.
exp. 2 I love shanties especially Uneeks.
by WhiteKnight41 January 27, 2014
Annoying, A copy-cat, a cry baby, irritating, tattle tale, she wants what everybody wants, steals peoples nicknames for other people, always all up in other peoples business, ask questions about me and my cosuins business likes to tell on us, she some bitch who doesnt get it when someone tells her to leave them alone or too move.
What color is your room?
Shanty: Come and see my new room its blue like urs.
by i love the rain August 23, 2010
A melodic sea tune, sung by a group of sailors, soldiers, or misfits; according to Meghan, Jordan, and Oliver.

OR anyone of low value to Meghan, Jordan, and Oliver.

OR a term used to replace any other words in Meghan, Jordan, or Oliver's vocabulary.
"Ooh girl, did you say that shanty of a performance? I'm throwing up everywhere in this shanty."

"Look at that bunch of shanties over there. Get them out of this shanty."

"Did you see homegirl's melodic sea shanty?"

"I heard he goes shopping at the local shanty shop."

"Why are the shanties in the office? That's definitely our shanty of an office, not theirs."
by The Union December 03, 2009

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