A sea song or sailors song. Used for work and amusement.
Sea Shanty

What do we do with a drunken sailor?
What do we do with a drunken sailor?
What do we do with a drunken sailor?
Early(er-lie) in the morning.
by thedzone October 14, 2009
Top Definition

n. Article of clothing short enough to be mistaken as panties, but worn as shorts.
Guy 1: You see that chick in the shanties?
Guy 2: Yeah dude, she looks fine.
by Boom Dizzle January 10, 2011
There are three definition's to the word Shanty:-

A> A shanty is a poorly made house in which one can dwell, usually made out of scavenged materials.

B> The word Shanty is often used to describe something created with a half arsed attempt or someone that is lazy and does not put any effort into their work.

c> A object that truely annoys you and does not work the way you expect it too.
A> Wow. A shanty Hut.

B> You shanty lay-about do some flaming work!

c> Any breed of mobile phone.
by Raven February 06, 2004
A hastily assembled, often half-assed shelter. Hobos often live in shantys. Poor people in crappy countries often build entire shanty-towns. Pirates also make Shantys out of leaves, sticks and other things, on islands, to sleep in.
I shall fashion a shanty from discarded cardboard and dwell within it.
by Gen December 07, 2003
Panties worn by those interested in scatology, or scat play, for the exclusive purpose of defecating in; a throwaway pair that can be disposed of after using for its intended fetishistic purpose, thus avoiding burdensome cleaning.

(A portmanteau of "shit" and "panties".)
Knowing she was going to scat play later that night, Cheryl put on her shanties in the morning, and had 3 cups of coffee, 2 and-a-half packs of cigarettes, a big lunch, and treated herself to Fiber One bars liberally throughout the day.

Since my hemorrhoid surgery, I have been wearing shanties every day, rather than ruin my silk Victoria's Secret.
by Granny Tettey April 14, 2008
Shorts that look like panties
I love that girls outfit, but her shanties are giving her a cameltoe.
by Slave2therave December 29, 2012
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