Is a beautiful girl , a wonderful listener and girlfriend .
Stays faithful with everyone and anyone warm hearted ,
Beautiful voice. She is a hyper person , but she has her moments Shantal is a perfect girl she's freaky , sweet , beautiful , really funny , great personality , and 100% her

She's as unique as her name ...
Guy 1: hey do you know that girl , she's beautiful .
Guy 2 : yeah bro , she is and thats my girl .
Guy 1 : lucky you , she looks like a shantal .
by $wagg:x February 05, 2012
Top Definition
A girl who is uncertain. Adorable in her own way. Very hard to entertain. Wears her heart on her sleeve. Is an amazing friend. Is the therapist/listener when it comes to hanging out with people. very hyper. Not always the brightest crayon in the crayon box. As unique as the name.
That girl is so Shantal.
by Pepe. December 31, 2009
A girl who spells her name like one of an african descent, looks of a caucasian descentwhite(blonde hair, blue/green eyes as well), but is actually of a full hispanic descent.
"Shantal? Dude I thought you were a black girl when I read your name on here! Haha."
by Erika =] February 25, 2008
A Ramdom word that can describe anything that you want like Shit
Holy Shantal
by Lauren January 19, 2004
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