A girl that is obsessed with staying away from germs and over glorifying her boyfriend. She is a nice person despite the constant scowl she wears.
OMG if Shannon mentions her BF one more time I am gonna kill myself.
by YourMomThatsWhatSheSaid1234 December 12, 2013
A beautiful girl with brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Blue-eyed Shannons are tall, thin, and athletic and musically gifted. They seem shy at first, but are hilarious and crazy once they open up to you. They are beautiful and girls want to be them and guys want to be with them, but Shannons are self-conscious and have a hard time seeing how wonderful they really are. They have great taste in music and cloths and are amazing girlfriends. They have trouble opening up to people which can end up hurting them. They are kind and supportive and everyone likes them once they get to know them.
Man...I wish I was a Shannon
by alternativa7 November 30, 2011
One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet.

Most are brunettes or redheads and have stunning green or blue eyes.
If you ever meet a green eye'd Shannon, she's usually short, she loves to have fun, she will always be there and will love you more than her heart can bear.

If you meet a blue eye'd Shannon, she's usually tall, she's shy, she will be a listener and mostly a sports player.
lets go hang with shannon, 'cause she is fun and pretty.
by LaLaLaLexiIsBeastYo March 24, 2011
An indescribable girl that; upon meeting her, truly just makes you want to be a better person. Moments with her are seemingly fleeting yet seem to last forever, her presence is likely to bring you a sense of companionship not previously experienced. Shannon's are usually followed by an array of talents- ranging from musical to the pure nerdy. A knack for facts about nothing and a love for Final Fantasy becomes key in a Shannon's personality. Her appearance is also known to be instantly attract those of the opposite sex, a Shannon's beauty can only be described by the accompaniment of the word "true".
Look at that girl on the piano over there! Totally a Shannon.
by Liahkim April 11, 2011
Shannon is the female version of Chuck Norris, Kobe Bryant, and Albert Einstein. She is successful at everything and is always write, she is an amazing listener, a great friend and an awesome leader. She has awesome hair. Everyone looks to her and loves to follow her. You can never get mad at her because she'll apologize anyway even if she wasn't wrong because she is great at keeping the peace. Don't mess with Shannon..she's got a strong wall of friends that will stand behind her in situation..and they are very good with nunchucks.
The speed of Shannon

That girl is so cool, she must be Shannon.

That guy is so smart, he's such a Shannon.
by You.Know.Who.I.Am. October 30, 2011
a girl, sweetest badass you'll ever meet. shes like sugar coated bullet. really pretty and nice to everyone. shes strong and funny and always there. she's good at using lotion to her advantage. Always seems to end up playing with fire. great taste in music. whenever your with her there is always potienal to get kicked out or arrested but ull never get caught cause she can think on her feet. shes crazy, awesome, cool, and likes lipgloss.
those shannons will get you in troubleeeeeee.
by brookie_101 November 13, 2010
shannon is a beautiful Irish girl with red hair and brown eyes.

she is honest, loving, funny,down to earth,crazy,cool, caring and talented.
One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. she who is beautiful, inside and out. she normally listens to rock. she wont judge things until shes tried it. she loves her veggies but loves ice-cream and pizza more. she is truly a unique person and one of a kind and hates having something the same as anyone else. she usually is a performer.A goddess of beauty and love descented from the heavens. Was created by the gods to make all things on earth happier. She is known for her amazingness, beauty, sex appeal, her stunning smile and bedroom eyes. Shes always hyper but sometimes wants to sleep because she can be very lazy.

if you ever meet a shannon make her yours she's the type of person who will love you allot and you can trust her.
lewis: shannon is so beautiful

john: she shall one day be my wife.
lewis: no mate she'll be mine
by jamiejohnson123 November 18, 2011
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