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A Shannon is a wizard of love. A Shannon typically has an enormous behind and daring bedroom eyes.
Damn! Did you see that Shannon?
by Oooooo December 13, 2012
A girl named Shannon, is a awesome person who sleeps to much, is silly, loves cats, and to play xbox. Giggles at the weirdest things. Loves to recycle and do the right thing for the enviroment. Loves to make random outbursts during a serious movie. She is pretty, caring, kind, and a really good friend. She will listen to all your problems and make the best out of every situation. Usually Italian and Polish and likes to sleep in random places.
Hannah: Hey where's Shan?
Rebecca: Being shannon
Hannah: Oh ok

Boy1: I was playing xbox with that one girl
Boy 2: Oh, you mean Shannon?
Boy 1: yes, she loves cats
by JT Santiago November 30, 2011
An assertive girl who knows what she wants in life, but never acts on it. Typically Shannons are attractive and have a dark side. Shannons are smart but very lazy. They are witty, and extremely sassy. Shannons make good friends to party with and they'll always have your back once you're close to them.
"Hey that's that Shannon girl right?"
"Yeah, she's my friend"
"I heard she's a bitch"
"Nah, she's cooler then you"
by gotmyshannybanny August 26, 2011
The girl everyone wants. modest, funny, attractive, great sense of humor.

with green eyes that make everything better as soon as you look into them and a smile that's just out of this world.

she is very attractive and sexy.

tho for some reason she doesn't see any of these things, which is tragic because they are truly amazing.

if you ever get lucky enough to know a Shannon make sure nothing ever happens to her and you keep her by your side.

love you babe <3 xxxxxxxxxx
Guy 1: wow look at that girl shes she girl of my dreams.

Guy 2: yup that's shannon
by Luckiest guy ever <3 July 13, 2011
The most friendliest, funniest, gorgeous girl you'll ever meet. And most guys think she's a great kisser. She is usually best friends with a Khenda and very good at back-talking. She loves to joke around and it's the most funnest person to be around.
Damn that Shannon is hot
by boredasshit101 July 11, 2011
An indescribable girl that; upon meeting her, truly just makes you want to be a better person. Moments with her are seemingly fleeting yet seem to last forever, her presence is likely to bring you a sense of companionship not previously experienced. Shannon's are usually followed by an array of talents- ranging from musical to the pure nerdy. A knack for facts about nothing and a love for Final Fantasy becomes key in a Shannon's personality. Her appearance is also known to be instantly attract those of the opposite sex, a Shannon's beauty can only be described by the accompaniment of the word "true".
Look at that girl on the piano over there! Totally a Shannon.
by Liahkim April 11, 2011
probably the sweetest girl you will ever met. Although a little shy at first, once you get to know her she is very talkative and fun. She is the best friend as well as girlfriend you could ever have. Not to mention the most attractive woman out there!
by This dude October 16, 2012