A cool mother-fucker... Men want to be her and women want her.
That Shannon is one cool mother-fucker.
by WonderDyke August 15, 2011
A beautiful girl with brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Blue-eyed Shannons are tall, thin, and athletic and musically gifted. They seem shy at first, but are hilarious and crazy once they open up to you. They are beautiful and girls want to be them and guys want to be with them, but Shannons are self-conscious and have a hard time seeing how wonderful they really are. They have great taste in music and cloths and are amazing girlfriends. They have trouble opening up to people which can end up hurting them. They are kind and supportive and everyone likes them once they get to know them.
Man...I wish I was a Shannon
by alternativa7 November 30, 2011
probably the sweetest girl you will ever met. Although a little shy at first, once you get to know her she is very talkative and fun. She is the best friend as well as girlfriend you could ever have. Not to mention the most attractive woman out there!
by This dude October 16, 2012
The coolest Person you know, A real genius at heart, and great among friends. exceptionally athletic. Feelings hurt easily. Has very strong feelings and emotions. A leader by choice and not by nature. Well rounded individual. A very Attractive Guy by all standards. Could be considered charming by some. Very confident but not conceited. Smart and intelligent. This person will find a way to bring smiles among people but can also cause frowns. But overall is considered to be a great friend and person
Shannon is a stand up type of guy
by Ipod3000 July 24, 2011
The girl everyone wants. modest, funny, attractive, great sense of humor.

with green eyes that make everything better as soon as you look into them and a smile that's just out of this world.

she is very attractive and sexy.

tho for some reason she doesn't see any of these things, which is tragic because they are truly amazing.

if you ever get lucky enough to know a Shannon make sure nothing ever happens to her and you keep her by your side.

love you babe <3 xxxxxxxxxx
Guy 1: wow look at that girl shes she girl of my dreams.

Guy 2: yup that's shannon
by Luckiest guy ever <3 July 13, 2011
Shannon is the female version of Chuck Norris, Kobe Bryant, and Albert Einstein. She is successful at everything and is always write, she is an amazing listener, a great friend and an awesome leader. She has awesome hair. Everyone looks to her and loves to follow her. You can never get mad at her because she'll apologize anyway even if she wasn't wrong because she is great at keeping the peace. Don't mess with Shannon..she's got a strong wall of friends that will stand behind her in situation..and they are very good with nunchucks.
The speed of Shannon

That girl is so cool, she must be Shannon.

That guy is so smart, he's such a Shannon.
by You.Know.Who.I.Am. October 30, 2011
An assertive girl who knows what she wants in life, but never acts on it. Typically Shannons are attractive and have a dark side. Shannons are smart but very lazy. They are witty, and extremely sassy. Shannons make good friends to party with and they'll always have your back once you're close to them.
"Hey that's that Shannon girl right?"
"Yeah, she's my friend"
"I heard she's a bitch"
"Nah, she's cooler then you"
by gotmyshannybanny August 26, 2011

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