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A shannon is a girl who says that she is a best friend but when a boy comes into the picture she will forget about anybody else just because she is getting a fuck now and then she will stop going to your house and start going to his because she is a slut and a huge attention whore if she sees any girl talking to any boy she has to get involved she is a very jealous girl and hurts a lot of people just because she likes to get fucked she has no self respect and will do anything a boy asks even if she doesn't know him she tells herself that shes just confident but she is just a slut.
An example of this is almost every shannon with bleach blonde hair and loves attention off boys do not get close to this girl as a friend because this little slut does not know how to be a friend
by wisegirl97 February 02, 2014
0 3
A hairy legged lover with the elegance and sophistication of a monkey like creature. Some say shannon's originated in a rain forest but research has since proven they grow from a very rare fruit?
I picked the right shannon tonight , now to just get to that sweet spot
by Cherelleisation November 16, 2013
2 6
The coolest, prettiest, most awesome girl you will ever meet. Beautiful eyes and an even more beautiful smile. She'll make you laugh and smile and make you wish you were with her.
I love everything about Shannon. Wouldn't change anything if i could.
by Mr.VeryVerySpecial November 05, 2011
45 50
A person generally quite full of spirit and character. Shannon is a kind and caring person, often doing anything to do what is right. Shannon is also never afraid to voice their opinion and is believed to be blonde in most cases. However, they are also loveable, friendly by nature and great to talk to on a bad day. If you're ever feeling down, Shannon will be there for you.
Keep at least one Shannon in your life, they're key to maintaining a happy life full of laughs and smiles.
Are you alright? You seem sad..
Yeah, I'm not in the best of moods today.
Give Shannon a call, I guarantee she'll cheer you up.
by A.M.1994 November 11, 2012
24 30
Shannon is a ghetto whore that acts all innocent, so be careful do not be fooled.

She likes hood music and she copies other peoples words. The ghetto name of Shannon is Sha nay nay. Shannon is described to be a very non-unique ghetto whore.
Shannon is used to define of a black hood girl undercover as a white acting girl. Shannon is used to define someone who likes hood rap music but around others she would play R&B music.
Shannon is used to define slicked eyebrows which expose how ghetto she/he is.

Shannon is an angel when playing white.
"You look so sha nay nay" which means your so ghetto.
"oh hell no, you sounding like sha nay nay" which means "you act like an angel but your a ghetto whore"
"You act so shannon" this mean "your not really white"
by Krissayminajay November 18, 2013
2 10
An ass hole of a girl, watch out because she will steal your man. Very malicious and evil. Her laugh is preposterous and she is very unreliable. she can make you think anything she wants you to. This can be very dangerous to everyone around her. If you think you're falling for a Shannon, stop right away. Distance yourself from her, and stop making contact with her as much as possible. You don't actually like her, she's just making you think you do. A Shannon ruined my whole entire life. If she has brown hair and blue eyes, she is even more dangerous. Nobody really likes Shannon's, the Shannon's brain-wash us to make us think we do. Never name your kid Shannon, you will ruin her life, while she ruins other peoples'. Just be careful around Shannon's!
Boy: Yo, is that a Shannon over there?
Girl: OMG ya walk away! Don't make eye contact!

Boy: No, wait lets go say hi!
Girl: No, she is dangerous!!
*Boy goes to say hi*
*Boys entire life is ruined because a Shannon got involved*
by juliagurl October 12, 2013
3 12
if you ever meet or met a shannon lucky yo hold on to it tight cuz you wont regret it.

shannons are beautiful sexyy GORGEOUSS EYES amazing smile and have the coolest things and are cool themselves they are mad funny and just awesome to be with. if you have a problem tell a shannon she will alaways be there to listen.

shannons are spotry peppy and just so much fun.They have the best times and make you smile if you make plans with one of them youll be happy you did

shannons are just the best things ever they are amazing actresses and singers and dancers but they are very modest

they make amazing best friends and girl friends
if you have a shannon keep one if you make one sad you should be ashamed.
God shannon is just to cool.I wanna marry her.
by pepeselequa December 05, 2011
27 36