The coolest, prettiest, most awesome girl you will ever meet. Beautiful eyes and an even more beautiful smile. She'll make you laugh and smile and make you wish you were with her.
I love everything about Shannon. Wouldn't change anything if i could.
by Mr.VeryVerySpecial November 05, 2011
The most amazing girl you will ever meet
normally Irish and has either green or brown eyes (sometimes both). Can never really tell what color her hair is, either blond or brunette.
She's the girl that always has your back and is the best girl friend/ friend you will ever have. You'll never forget the day you met her.
I can't wait for my date with Shannon, I'll never forget the day I met her.
by eliz30109745 March 05, 2012
A person generally quite full of spirit and character. Shannon is a kind and caring person, often doing anything to do what is right. Shannon is also never afraid to voice their opinion and is believed to be blonde in most cases. However, they are also loveable, friendly by nature and great to talk to on a bad day. If you're ever feeling down, Shannon will be there for you.
Keep at least one Shannon in your life, they're key to maintaining a happy life full of laughs and smiles.
Are you alright? You seem sad..
Yeah, I'm not in the best of moods today.
Give Shannon a call, I guarantee she'll cheer you up.
by A.M.1994 November 11, 2012
The love of my life.
He is so in love with that girl. She must be shannon.
by boogasta July 06, 2011
The most beautiful girl you have ever seen, the brightest smile that makes your heat skip a beat every time you look at her. She will steal your heart and make you feel special, loves pizza, has a totally weird sense of humour, can always make you laugh, even when you are feeling down. Very supportive in everything you do. Is actually a really good singer, every guy wants her, but Ive got her for a very long time. Also she can do a very good gremlin voice! I love Shannon!
Shannon - the best girlfriend in the world
by GT123 October 01, 2011
She likes alternative music and has a strange love for weird tights
Wow, you left us for the bisexual. You know the one who likes alternative music and weird tights, yeah that Shannon.
by nooneknowsmeok March 09, 2014
Shannon is a beautiful, amazing person inside and out. She is funny, kind, loving and caring. She is an awesome rider and love her horse and her animals. The world would be a darker place without her. She will become an Olympic show jumper.
Hi, Shannon
by Josie45678 July 04, 2014

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