An ass hole of a girl, watch out because she will steal your man. Very malicious and evil. Her laugh is preposterous and she is very unreliable. she can make you think anything she wants you to. This can be very dangerous to everyone around her. If you think you're falling for a Shannon, stop right away. Distance yourself from her, and stop making contact with her as much as possible. You don't actually like her, she's just making you think you do. A Shannon ruined my whole entire life. If she has brown hair and blue eyes, she is even more dangerous. Nobody really likes Shannon's, the Shannon's brain-wash us to make us think we do. Never name your kid Shannon, you will ruin her life, while she ruins other peoples'. Just be careful around Shannon's!
Boy: Yo, is that a Shannon over there?
Girl: OMG ya walk away! Don't make eye contact!

Boy: No, wait lets go say hi!
Girl: No, she is dangerous!!
*Boy goes to say hi*
*Boys entire life is ruined because a Shannon got involved*
by juliagurl October 12, 2013
Hot blonde california bomb shell brings all the boys to the yard. Single and ready to mingle!!! WooHoo :)
Lexxi "Hey shannon you wanna go to MJ's with me, im meeting up with a couple of friends for a drink??

Shann "Lets go somewhere single and ready to mingle" MJ's doesnt deserve my presence my EX is fucking the cocktail waitress there and believe me it aint nothin pretty...He is FUGLY and her breath stinks, Yep he got him a winner hehehehe....

Lexxi " Looks like he wont ever get a taste or be in your presence ever again... I know you Shannon once they fuck around on you its a WRAP...i feel sorry for your EX!
by keepdreaming March 01, 2012
very awesome person very good cook loves to play with son who always loses when play fighting
boy- dude ur mom is awesome
other boy- thx i think
boy- mrs.shannon is a good cook
by whoami123455 February 11, 2012
to knee someone in the crotch with no provocation
The frat boy was just standing there talking about how he doesn't like Mumford & Son's when she shannoned him in the balls for no reason.
by Unclemajorsickle January 02, 2012
Shannons are sluts! Every single one of them!They are usually Irish. Have long brown hair. and dark eyes.

No one likes her! She is negative about everything!

She hates everyone too! She never talks to anyone!

Shes a manwhore! If your a shannon I'd hate to be you!
Awesome girl 1:Omg look at that faggoty slut!Who does she think she is?!

Awesome girl 2:Shannon -_-

Boy 1: Eww look at shannon she is soo ugly and annoying.

Boy 2: I know right? Shes a manwhore
by sallybabeexx August 08, 2011
a little irish goblin
"omg, your a shannon''
by lol101xox666 September 25, 2010

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