Shannon is great person, sweet girl unless you get on her bad side then she can be a dog ! But when she spends alot of time with someone a girl inpeticular she tends to stare very odlly like she want to be your lesbin lover !! for some that may be awesome, but for some it makes them uncomfortable and not want to be around her ! soo watch the way your shannon looks at you !
shannons are werid
Shannon is a beautiful, amazing person inside and out. She is funny, kind, loving and caring. She is an awesome rider and love her horse and her animals. The world would be a darker place without her. She will become an Olympic show jumper.
Hi, Shannon
by Josie45678 July 04, 2014
if you ever meet or met a shannon lucky yo hold on to it tight cuz you wont regret it.

shannons are beautiful sexyy GORGEOUSS EYES amazing smile and have the coolest things and are cool themselves they are mad funny and just awesome to be with. if you have a problem tell a shannon she will alaways be there to listen.

shannons are spotry peppy and just so much fun.They have the best times and make you smile if you make plans with one of them youll be happy you did

shannons are just the best things ever they are amazing actresses and singers and dancers but they are very modest

they make amazing best friends and girl friends
if you have a shannon keep one if you make one sad you should be ashamed.
God shannon is just to cool.I wanna marry her.
by pepeselequa December 05, 2011
A town in Ireland,Europe. Its full of wasters and junkies. It has a large airport used for drug smuggling. Srú na Brionna is a main housing estate, where everyone is thug life. The whole town is thug life
Shannon is the shit for junkies
by dickcuntfuck March 11, 2015
A beautiful girl inside and out. Good listener, very sporty, and likes nature. She will always be there for you and be your friend when you need one. If you meet a green eyed shannon she will love you for you, and take care of you. When you meet a green eyed shannon don't let her pass you by you wont regret meeting her.
oh my god, i met a girl named shannon today, green eyes, loves sports, and nature, shes perfect for me im so glad i met her!
by sdavbsdljvk August 05, 2011
A beautiful girl inside and out. usually with medium brown hair and dark eyes. Very athletic and motivated to do her best at anything. Very competitive, will beat you in any arguement, but can make you feel like the awesomest person in the world. The best friend to have, loyal, trustworthy and fun to be around. She can obsess over older guys but can take heartbreak in stride. she will always be there for you and care for you.

Altogether the coolest person in the world
Whoa! Did you hear about Shannon's surgery?
No! we should bring the team to the hospital to see her! We can make her a huge get well card.

I love shannon, I would be so sad if something happened to her because then i would lose the awesomest friend ever!
by Orange Butter March 05, 2012
The best friend you will ever have, you know it's going to be a good day if you have plans with her.
She's beautiful on the inside and out and she's likes to hear it every once and a while. You'll never get bored with her and she has self confidence like you've never seen before.

She's one of those rare people that are even more beautiful when they cry.
Life is always better with a Shannon around
by flavorsoffall November 24, 2011
that on chick that annoys everyone
Shannon is a bitch
by That Chick March 05, 2015

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