Shannon is great person, sweet girl unless you get on her bad side then she can be a dog ! But when she spends alot of time with someone a girl inpeticular she tends to stare very odlly like she want to be your lesbin lover !! for some that may be awesome, but for some it makes them uncomfortable and not want to be around her ! soo watch the way your shannon looks at you !
shannons are werid
Person who likes to fuck people named Brandon, Marco, TJ, and Alex
Man that girl is a Shannon.
by Theyagyug October 01, 2011
an extremely gorgeous girl who is greatly loved. shes hardcore, usualy into rock. usualy has dark colored hair. averaged sized. extremely sexual. has a large amount of guys after her but has a boyfriend. hardly ever of the best people you will ever meet. big tits and perfect ass.amazing face.beautiful eyes. helps everyone. big tease. takes good pictures.usualy more outgoing, different, funny, hotter than every girl.
dustin: man, shannon is the coolest and hottest chick ever
taylor:dude, seriously? thats my girlfriend. back off!
dustin:sorry, shes just so fine
by systematic-chaos May 12, 2009
the definition of a best friend. she is the absolute NICEST girl you will ever meet. she is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. inside AND out. all the guys love her all the girl wanna be her. she lives to make people happy. this girl doesn't deserve anything but love and it'll break your heart if she is anything but happy. she loves gaming, her family, and her lucky friends and would do anything for them. she is hilarious and has an amazing sense of humor. and this kinda girl loves yoo-hoo. as soon as you meet her youll love her FOREVER
shannon trampel
by meggyd. December 28, 2010
Intelligent, wise, beautiful, graceful, witty, laugh-loving, artistic, adventurous, intriguing person. She will greet you with a grin and carry herself well -- head and shoulders high, looking like she can handle any task -- but it might take a while to realize just how quirky and multi-faceted she is. You'll probably know the sharp-dressing, articulate, opinionated Shannon before you know the song-singing, weirdly goofy, low-key girl she is.
Did you hear Shannon was accepted at Notre Dame and Brown? She's seems so put-together, but I've had sleepovers with her -- you'd never believe she was 18 with the way she sings kid's songs!

I asked Shannon out. She didn't want to do anything fussy, so we cooked dinner and went on a walk up the bluff. With all of her accomplishments she intimidated me so much, but she's really very witty and down-to-earth. She doesn't just write editorials and international correspondence pieces -- she speaks, sings, plays a few instruments, loves adventures and travel, paints, and cracks me up.
by I love my Shannons June 12, 2013
Shannon is an amazing girl. She does get bullied though but she sticks up for herself. She has great friends. She has blue eyes and usually blonde hair. She has a great personality and is funny, smart and pretty. If you meet a Shannon you'd be stupid to let her go. Shannon usually plays the keyboard and/or the guitar. Sadly Shannon is single, not for long though, there's always that one boy who likes her but is too shy to say anything. She usually has a dirty mind but that just makes you love her more!
guy 1: Woah, she's so special.
guy 2: She's obviously a Shannon!
by SLJames June 12, 2013
A female who is very self confident. Everyone loves her because she is the best friend ever. The upholds a sexxi swagger & has a killer demeanor about her. A girl everyone loves & wants to be around.
Damn did u see that sexxi girl Shannon at the Blackout yesterday?

Shannon won't have any problems getting a prom date, i mean seriously she's Shannon!!!!
by SnoopyBaby July 04, 2009
The most amazing girl you will ever meet
normally Irish and has either green or brown eyes (sometimes both). Can never really tell what color her hair is, either blond or brunette.
She's the girl that always has your back and is the best girl friend/ friend you will ever have. You'll never forget the day you met her.
I can't wait for my date with Shannon, I'll never forget the day I met her.
by eliz30109745 March 05, 2012

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