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Shannon is great person, sweet girl unless you get on her bad side then she can be a dog ! But when she spends alot of time with someone a girl inpeticular she tends to stare very odlly like she want to be your lesbin lover !! for some that may be awesome, but for some it makes them uncomfortable and not want to be around her ! soo watch the way your shannon looks at you !
shannons are werid
Hot blonde california bomb shell brings all the boys to the yard. Single and ready to mingle!!! WooHoo :)
Lexxi "Hey shannon you wanna go to MJ's with me, im meeting up with a couple of friends for a drink??

Shann "Lets go somewhere fun..im single and ready to mingle" MJ's doesnt deserve my presence my EX is fucking the cocktail waitress there and believe me it aint nothin pretty...He is FUGLY and her breath stinks, Yep he got him a winner hehehehe....

Lexxi " Looks like he wont ever get a taste or be in your presence ever again... I know you Shannon once they fuck around on you its a WRAP...i feel sorry for your EX!
by keepdreaming March 01, 2012
very awesome person very good cook loves to play with son who always loses when play fighting
boy- dude ur mom is awesome
other boy- thx i think
boy- mrs.shannon is a good cook
by whoami123455 February 11, 2012
Shannon is the female version of Chuck Norris, Kobe Bryant, and Albert Einstein. She is successful at everything and is always write, she is an amazing listener, a great friend and an awesome leader. She has awesome hair. Everyone looks to her and loves to follow her. You can never get mad at her because she'll apologize anyway even if she wasn't wrong because she is great at keeping the peace. Don't mess with Shannon..she's got a strong wall of friends that will stand behind her in situation..and they are very good with nunchucks.
The speed of Shannon

That girl is so cool, she must be Shannon.

That guy is so smart, he's such a Shannon.
by You.Know.Who.I.Am. October 30, 2011
to knee someone in the crotch with no provocation
The frat boy was just standing there talking about how he doesn't like Mumford & Son's when she shannoned him in the balls for no reason.
by Unclemajorsickle January 02, 2012
Shannons are sluts! Every single one of them!They are usually Irish. Have long brown hair. and dark eyes.

No one likes her! She is negative about everything!

She hates everyone too! She never talks to anyone!

Shes a manwhore! If your a shannon I'd hate to be you!
Awesome girl 1:Omg look at that faggoty slut!Who does she think she is?!

Awesome girl 2:Shannon -_-

Boy 1: Eww look at shannon she is soo ugly and annoying.

Boy 2: I know right? Shes a manwhore
by sallybabeexx August 08, 2011
a little irish goblin
"omg, your a shannon''
by lol101xox666 September 25, 2010