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These girls are cute, Fun, Pretty, loving, and caring people. They are always smiling, even if there is nothing to smile about. One in a million friend. Someone everyone would get along with. They tend to fall for their best friends.
Sometimes they are a bit sneaky, but they are some of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet.
Guy: Is that your friend?
Girl: Yeah, she's a real Shannan
Guy: You're lucky to have her
by ShianneCutie March 27, 2011
The Most Amazingest Person EVER! If you're a Shannan you're cute, funny, beautiful, gorgeous, caring, kind, stunning, hot, sexy, and absolutely PERFECT! You have a heart of gold, you'd do anything for the people you love and you don't judge anyone. You are one of a kind and someone that will make their parents proud. You have gone through so much shit that you don't deserve but you are so strong you have gotten through it all.

If you are a Shannan, or know a Shannan, then know how lucky you are to have them in your life <3
So lucky to have a Shannan in my life :)
by FandA December 29, 2011
(v.) To enter into sexual relations with a member of the opposite sex that is in a comitted relationship.
Dude, you slept with Todd's girlfriend Jenny last night? why do you shannan every week...
by wubwubWUHWUHwubwub February 22, 2011
a snake that thrives off jewish situations and at the end of them feels as proud as ever when successful. This is known as a "shannan mind-game."
Ali S : Hahahahah! Did you like my Higuaín goal ?!
Waqas: What a fukin snake. You typical Shannan...
by shaamsss December 06, 2010

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