a vetenarian in world war 2 who never gets called by his first name "shania" his name is always "shania twain" he is not impressed by rocket scientists and has no gaydar whatsoever, he currently roams mexican streets penny picking and peeling apples in his spare time. He has been known to use public bathrooms not flushing afterwards the infamous turds are being left all over mexico.

"dude did you see that huge turd in those bathrooms?"

mexican citizen-
"aye carumba! el diablo! shania twain!"
by jaawdan October 02, 2009
A has-been pop singer who gets worse with every song she has put out. I will give her props, her and her husband supposedly write their songs, that's refreshing. However, it would be much more meaningful if the songs were any good. Any Man Of Mine? It was the "redneck woman" of the mid-90's. But what happened after that? Downhill all the way! You should burn this new record. Billy Carrington totally outsings her on the best sounding song she has put out in years.
I heard Shania Twain sing that new song called "Don't" and I finally realize she has lost it.
by nikthenyetminder January 27, 2005
A a woman who tries to call herself a country singer. Tries being the key word.
A: I was listening to a country station and Shania Twain came on.
B: I bet that ruined the station.
A: Pretty much.
by Chica_Chica February 21, 2006
A no talent having, slutty dressing country "singer" who has sold her soul to the devil to be popular. Songs are awful, mostly due to her writing most of them. Frequently uses a straining, whining tone while "singing".
When Shania Twain sings, it sounds like a cat is getting repeatedly hit by a tennis racket. But I'd still nail her.
by Ted Worthington October 07, 2005

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