to shit in a friend or foe's toilet without flushing. Leaving it to be found by the next unlucky soul. Prefereably at the point once discovered, the poo will have deteriorated into a cloudy substance which upon departiculation after initial flushing will release maximum odor.
Dood, WTF is this shanghai surprise in the toilet?
by T3n5oR August 20, 2008
Come on. Everyone knows that a Shanghai Surprise is when you take a shit in someone's toilet and instead of flushing, you just put the cover down. When the next person lift the cover to use the toilet, there is a nice shit waiting for them.
When my roommate went on vacation, I left him a Shanghai Surprise in his bathroom.
by AKHolland January 05, 2007
To spunk in someone's hair during the night. When they wake up, their hair will have the consistency of wonton noodles.
These wonton noodles taste funny.
by jmc October 15, 2002
To ejaculate on the back of someone while they are asleep or passed out.
I totally gave her the Shanghai Surprise last night after she passed out on the bed!
by Bixby_222 July 10, 2008
When one of two people makes a fist, inserts the fist in the other persons ass, then opens their fist to make spirit fingers while hand is their ass.
'Christine was obsessed with anal sex, more so getting a 'Shanghai Surprise'"
by ViolentlyHappy726 May 08, 2016
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