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1) Renamed sexual technique awkwardly original from Spain.
As the gay is taking the girl doggy style, right before coming, he gets his dick off. Then he splits in the girl's back, and when she looks back at him all-trusting and not expecting... in her face!

2) It has a less romantic modification in which the guy cannot hold on to come all over the girls back, but he still wants to surprise her so when she looks back, he splits in her face...
1) Dude, there is nothing I like better than Shangai Surprising. She looks back full of confidence, mistaking your split for cum and suddenly... what was that?

2) Girl, this guy yesterday make me the Shangai Surprise, I'd be fine with that, but he did the b-version! some dudes just make it all wrong...
by Shangai Surpriser May 05, 2010

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