An amazing person that makes videos and makes people laugh! people may judge him but haters wont bring him down. you can see he is totally real and not fake in his Youtube videos. He has different characters in his videos that are all very different but also they are all Hilarious! Shane Dawson Has an amazing laugh that will make you laugh like crazy! He is random and insane on just his Vloging Videos so u can see he doesn't pretend hes someone else. He is Shane Dawson!
Person 1: I wish i could be Shane Dawsons Best Friend He seems so fun and amazing to hang out with!

Person 2: Dude! I know! I am so jealous of how people get to hang with Shane!
by Loving_Song_Writer June 12, 2011
Possibly the best youtuber in all history. He's very open about his thoughts, life, etc. This does NOT make him gay. He's extremely hilarious and makes any hard days better.
Maddy: Did you see the new Shane Dawson video on youtube?
Alina: Yeah! He's so funny!
Maddy: I love shane dawson!
by Madzyrox June 11, 2011
A famous Youtube star. Who is also very sexy. He has multiple characters. Such as Shananay, a ghetto whore, S-Deezy, a ghetto whore, and Ned, a nerd. All together, his videos are hilarious and witty.
Karen- "Hey, did you see shane dawsons new video?"

Angela- "YEAH! he looked great!"
by Kell. June 11, 2011
Shane dawson,
He is a youtube sensation, he has 3 channels, all packed with funny and exiting videos!

He's like marmite, you either love him or hate him.
Shane, acts diffrent charecters. Which is diffrent.
He is a great actor.
Life isn't bright without dawson!!
If you don't like him? Then why spend time slating him? Your probs a secret lover of him!

Check out the douchebag spoof, download it share it around!

Shane, I think your great. You make me laugh! You deserve a career in acting!... You should deffo make a top saying did you fall for a douchebag baby? . I would buy it :D .

Iloveyouuuuu :). Your an idol :). My idol! :)
Shane dawson..
by emksii June 13, 2011
The most sexist guy on youtube famous for series such as shane and friends and ask shane and Shananays reviews and fred is dead he loves his audience though sometimes he will cuss or say dirty things he is a fun loving guy that just wants to make videos and cares about others and he takes criticism very well and he tries to make big videos like emo break up part 1 and 2 and beats himself up a little if he doesnt get them up on the day that he said that it would be he feels like he owes it to his audience to do it to much but hes a all around awesome guy and he never gets mad at his viewers for a idea for a video that is stupid he also has video contest and loves to get video responses
by shane dawson lover June 12, 2011
The best thing on YouTube.
Person 1: OMGLMNOP did you see Shane Dawson's new video?
Persopn 2: It was even better than his last one! Is that even possible?
by sophieSDTV June 12, 2011
One of the absolute best youtubers out there. He has a strong group of fans who will defend him to the end. very talented and very sexy. Knows his way around a camera and editing software. Knows how to make people laugh too. He's very intelligent and has the ability to do wonderful things. Youtube is just the beginning for him. He has two youtube channels, works with other youtubers, and is trying to start his own show. He has let many people see who he truly is and not play up the "perfect" life. He's become friends to many who may never meet him but that's ok. He has a lot of wisdom for someone his age and has helped many with their own issues. He's more than someone who makes funny videos.
Person 1: "Who's Shane Dawson?"
Person 2: "One of the best youtubers ever!!"
by 007california June 12, 2011

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