A YouTube celebrity and icon. He has risen in popularity over the past year, and has fans all over the world.

He is really just a regular guy, but he somehow has the ability to draw you in and keep you watching. His real name is Shane Yaw but uses the pseudonym(?) Dawson. He seems to have a somewhat dirty mind. This is to be expected from a 20somewhat man.

I guess he gets some money from YouTube cause his video quality and special effects have improved dramatically from his first videos. He has two channels, one for the main videos, released every Saturday, and one for vlogs.

His vids are comedic, and very entertaining. He is an admitted virgin, and denies being gay. At first it may seem like he is gay because of his looks(long, somewhat perfect hair, skinny, stylish) but if you watch his vlogs and videos alot you can see he is not. Some of his videos are serious however, like when he got fired from shmeany shmeag. (you'll get that if ur a fan lol) and when he talks about his enormous weight loss.

He has his haters, but who dosn't? He is 5th all time is subscriptions, behind nigahiga, fred, smosh, and universalmusicgroup. Hes collabed with alot of other YouTube stars. He is a part of The Station, but isn't as involved as he planned originally. He was voted Mr. YouTube in a poll conducted by whatthebuck. Does live shows, and is very involved with the fans

He seems to be a good guy, and always keeps his fans happy=)
Shane Dawson has two YouTube channels, facebook, myspace, and twitter pages and his own website.
by Shanes Mom September 29, 2009
A very funny person who make Youtube videos. He is hilarious and always knows how to make people feel better. He loves his family and his fans, and is a very touching person.
Shanaynay, Shane dawson
by bluenintynine June 12, 2011
one of the best youtubers known to man. freaking hilarious and an awesome guy
i met shane dawson!
you lucky bastard! his youtube videos are awesome!
by merpflerpderp June 11, 2011
Possibly the best youtuber in all history. He's very open about his thoughts, life, etc. This does NOT make him gay. He's extremely hilarious and makes any hard days better.
Maddy: Did you see the new Shane Dawson video on youtube?
Alina: Yeah! He's so funny!
Maddy: I love shane dawson!
by Madzyrox June 11, 2011
A Freaking Hilarious Guy That Makes Awesome Youtube Videos. Some of his jokes are rather sexual and not for children. Some people don't like him but Haters gon Hate ;
Guy 1: Did you see Shane Dawson's new video! That shit is hilarious!
Guy 2: Yea man! I almost pissed myself laughing! I love his Shanaynay Sketch!
Guy 3: Shane Dawson is Dumb and he's not even funny.
Guy 1: ^Eat a bag of dicks, man. I banged your mom last night.
by Your Moms Name XD June 11, 2011
A very awesome Youtuber. Funny and down to earth and REAL. Who owns 3 dogs and 2 cats. Has an awesome family and supportive friends. An all around good guy *smiles*
Who is Shane Dawson? He is EPIC
by She_loves_Pears June 11, 2011
All the people writing evil things about Shane you are wasting your time, i mean as if he is going to listen. We all love him for what he does! All you haters out there shouldn't be wasting your time writing on his video's or his facebook about how much you hate him. If you don't like him all you have to do is ignore it and just get on with your life..
Shane Dawson you are my hero, in fact i think your allot of peoples heroes thank you, and keep doing what your doing and STAMP THEM HATERS OUT!:)
by yousmile1416 June 12, 2011
A cross between Fred, Smosh,Howard Stern, and Clay Aitken. 3rd most subscribed guy on YouTube. Also goes by Shanaynay, Ned the Nerd, Aunt Hilda, and more.
Did you watch Shane Dawson today?
by Straight-Edge Savior September 07, 2010
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