To trip and/or shoot someone to give yourself a better chance to get away from a herd or horde of zombies.
During a run for supplies, Joe shaned John by shooting him in the leg. John was then overrun by zombies which allowed for Joe to get away without injury.
by EpilepticZ0mbie March 01, 2013
a small as peice of shit left on the bottom of a old lady balls after she is done sniffing also known as smelling or dropping a hansen
oh my god there is a hansen on her.dude thats such a shane.
by awesomepossom1994 July 10, 2011
Shane stands for a boy who has a small dick and is a greasy monkey who never actually works on cars, just says he is going to. Shane is a small boy who likes to tattoo himself and laughs like a hyena.he may one day grow up but till he does he just watches cartoons and looks at car pictures and loves to watch porn.
Ryan: Shane how's it hanging?
Shane: shriveled and to the left.

You fuck fuck guy!
by iamjdm January 22, 2011
Shane is a character on The L Word who 'Loves 'em and leaves 'em'.
'#1: You haven't pulled a Shane have you?
#2: Yeah.'

'#1: You better not go all Shane on me!
#2: Don't worry I won't.'
by Rebecca Manning March 30, 2008
Shanes are often very sweet. They like sharpies, especially rainbow packs. They look awesome in skinny jeans. They date girls with the same haircut as them. You can always trust them with your life. If you ever have the chance to date or be friends with one, never let them go. They are one of the most amazing people that you will ever meet.
Their hobbies include: writing on rocks, writing on walls, coloring Converse, listening to screamo, kicking down mailboxes, doing backflips, jumping out of trees, and jumping into bushes.
AKA: That Stupid Shane Kid, Spiderman.
Lauren: Dude, that stupid shane kid just knocked down a mailbox.
Madison: I know, I love him.
by NiggerLegs0925 April 19, 2009
a person that thinks he is so awesome, so full of him self that one day he will actually implode from all the bullshit stored inside him
you think your so great, your name must be shane
by ihateshane January 20, 2009
One who fiddles with dicks.
Guy 1: "Holy dumbfuck!! Did you see that Shane?!"
Guy 2 : "Yeah! I hear he fiddles with dicks!"
Guy 1: "Oh boy!!! 8=D~~~~"
by finestcowshit69 April 07, 2010
a person that is overly obsessive for achievements and has to have more gamerscore than everyone he knows
That kid with 100,000 gamerscore is a shane
by darksniper55 May 14, 2009

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