To trip and/or shoot someone to give yourself a better chance to get away from a herd or horde of zombies.
During a run for supplies, Joe shaned John by shooting him in the leg. John was then overrun by zombies which allowed for Joe to get away without injury.
by EpilepticZ0mbie March 01, 2013
A caucasian male who live by sucking the blood of virgin cows and eating used steroid syringes. He occasionally skates, wrestles bears, and fucks baby goats.
Shane have you seen my steriod syringe?
by oopsasa May 13, 2016
Pop culture reference used frequently in the lesbian community, comes from the TV show "The L word". A girl who looks or acts like the notorious character, "Shane" - i.e., a futch who sleeps with lots of girls.
Damn. That girl look like Shane.
by ka-chan April 21, 2015
Shane is an ugly, rude, crybaby, who always screws everything up. Girls feel bad for him, men want to kill him. Not to mention he has an amazballs brother Brendan, who try's to be nice, but Shane won't listen.
I was about to buy a house, but a tornado hit and Shane'ed up.
by Awesomesauce212 March 15, 2016
I naughty little hobbit like creature that walks around slightly bent over and hobbles like a duck. He dwells in dark area's on the hunt for meat.

This creature is dangerous and should be avoided or he may take your jewels.
Watch out! I see Shane!!
by rubrub June 28, 2010
An individuals pubic hair
I have just shaved my Shane off today I am now baby smooth
by Pnameruiner March 01, 2014
A shane is a majestic, oftentimes handsome creature that dwells primarily in the continental US but has been known to inhabit the middle east. However, recent research indicates that they are close to extinction overseas. They communicate using fragmented Cantonese and sarcasm and are characterized by their wisdom that reaches only just below the level of a little Asian girl.

Shanes make exceptional companions when tame. One can be caught using a simple snare and a fresh harvest of babies. These creatures are especially useful when in need of some good luvin'.

However, it should be noted that Shanes are not naturally domestic and often possess strength and brutality equating that of a polar bear. Therefore, they should only be handled by a trained professional until deemed fit to enter a family home.
syddaleigh: (to innocent bystander) "This shane outsmarted me, but only because its demeanor makes me nervous"
james_bnd: "Don't worry. I love you and I only want to test you so that you might reach your full potential."
syddaleigh: "Awe, this shane loves me. Urbandictionary was right."
by helovesmeeee July 17, 2009
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