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Shane Day

A Shane Day is one of those days when you wake up and have a beer for breakfast for example. One could also describe a Shane Day as a day where no non alcoholic drinks are consumed from sun up to sun down. This is not a day for the weak or inexperienced. To survive a Shane Day you must have a strong will to do exactly that, survive; being most of these nights include at least one life or death situation.

Proceed with caution before speaking the words Lets have a Shane Day.

Warning: Shane Days often result in doing absolutely nothing the following day, absences from work, broken friendships, inappropriate text messaging and or sleeping under miscellaneous objects.
Man yesterday was such a Shane Day, I was blacked out at 10AM.

Only Shane can stack consecutive Shane Days, how does it he do it?

Is he a machine?

Drinking already, he must be ready for a Shane Day.

Nothing better than a good light beer for breakfast.

Dude, there's nothing in your fridge other than beer. What are we going to have for breakfast. Beer I guess.
by T Rav November 16, 2012
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