the hebrew word for "beatiful". also a female girls' name
"shana maidela" means beautiful maiden
by shanaaa June 28, 2006
Top Definition
The name given to a woman of strong character, incredible beauty, amazing passion and love for life. It's pronounced (shah-nah). She will rock your world. Imagine everything you want and that is her. She is usually exotic with eyes full of life and mystery. One look and that's all it will take for you to fall under her spell. A lover of everything in this world from books, movies, food and life she will open your eyes never before imagined. If you find her, keep her!
She walked into the room and everyone turned to look at Shana as she drew glances from everyone present.
by LifeLover February 26, 2009
Acronym: She Has A Nice Ass. When a hot girl is in hearing distance this can be used.
Dude2- " Hell yeah!"
by ToferKnolio July 27, 2011
A person that's very smart and pretty, they are the biggest badass ever and will always be one. The best person in bed!
Damn that persons cool!

Yeah, that has to be a Shana
by hopscotch546 September 29, 2011
Shana, is the kind of girl you would want to date , girl or boy . she has big lusicous lips that you will die for . her laugh makes her that more attractive , shes usually tall skinny and popular . they keep long relationships even though the hottest of guys would like to fuck her . even though theyre usually not bisexual she does things with girls too .
brian : yo maan , did you see that total shana that just passed by ??

jake: yaa man , total shana
by rawwr1234 October 06, 2011
Shana (Adjective)
Definition: A very bubbly person, often is a ginger (The good kind of ginger!), or has ginger like qualities. Loves to twirls around/frolick, wear pretty dresses, and sing at random moments. Persons with 'Shana' like qualities love to make situations awakward. But yet, others still love them anyway. They also are very bad typers, and cannot spell properly. At 2am, they like to say they feel like marshmallow topping or mashed potatoes, and they love Jesus Christ with a passion.
That's SO 'Shana'.

She is so cute! Very 'Shana' like!

How Shana-licious.
by Bionca Bernice July 11, 2011
Shana is a girl who bludges, is loaded with money, deals, is a stoner and is for some reason extremely hot. She has massive breasts and a ghetto booty. Her swag is off the charts and the indie girls and boys look up to her as inspiration. Her love for Tyler, The Creator is beyond the heavens. She alwasys gets played by the finer boys. Her life is miserable when she's at home but when she's hittin clubs and partys she is the party!!!. She can come off scary and intimedating but she is one of the loveliest girls. she may come off as a slut but know that she's just having fun. she is just plain wild. She gives teachers hell and plan to set her school on fire. She has a thousand jobs and still manages to be broke. she is an alcoholic and is quitting smoking.
"damn, i feel sorry for that Shana"
by Realtalk29 September 24, 2011
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