A turd so dry it feels like you're pushing out a shammy.
Sorry it took me so long, I had a shamwow.
by Eric J. Frazier October 30, 2013
An alternative way of saying "That's what she said" which is more appropriate for use in public places or around children.
by Vince-Offer March 30, 2011
The act of hitting someone with a sopping wet Shamwow

(The famous infomercial cloth that can hold up to 20 times its weight in liquid "the shamwow")
Don't piss me off cause I will Shamwow you!

JVB: Hey J wanna see my Thong?

J: Hell No!

JVB: Come on look at it!

J: You Pervert! Come any closer and I will Shamwow you!
by sfx-ladyj December 18, 2009
To ejaculate on the lower part of the back after performing doggy style, mop up the junk using a super absorbent yellow towel. Hold the towel in your fist then donkey-punch the submissive and yell out ShamWOW!!
I had the best shamWOW finish last night, and no mess afterwards!
by SMBKRTan November 17, 2009
To cum on a a girl, then wipe it off with a shamwow, and then proceed to wring it out on her face. Afterwords yelling shamwow
i just shamwowed that chick
by asdhlseye September 21, 2009
1)That towel-absorbee you see every now and then on t.v. advertised by Vince Offer, a guy with a huge eyeball.

2)You use it dab up spills, then ring it dry, like magic.

3)The absorbee I put in front of my tub so I can jump out and roll myself dry, like magic

4)The last towel you'll ever buy, until it begins to stink

"It's a towel, it's a wipe, it's a mat, it's, it's...A ShamWow!"

"Now look into my eyeball and tell me you don't want one!"
by VinceOffer March 31, 2009
A term commonly used when one ejaculates on his girlfriend's face and then uses his penis as a squeegee to push semen into his girlfriend's mouth, whilst shouting "Sham Wow, Baby! Sham Wow."
Dude, I gave my girl a nasty facial last night, but don't worry, I "Sham Wowed" her 'til she was squeaky clean.
by Im_Gumby_Damnit March 19, 2009
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