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To ejaculate on the lower part of the back after performing doggy style, mop up the junk using a super absorbent yellow towel. Hold the towel in your fist then donkey-punch the submissive and yell out ShamWOW!!
I had the best shamWOW finish last night, and no mess afterwards!
by SMBKRTan November 17, 2009
a very good infomercial telling about a unique cloth that can hold up to 2o times its weight in liquid,made in germany (you know the germans always make good stuff), you will be saying wow everytime.

(also can be used as an exaggerating wow !!)
sonny:yo patrick
sonny: you ever heard of shamwow, its made in germany you kno the germans always make good stuff
Joka: ya i herd of it, no more waistin 20 dollars a month on paper towels, your throwing your money away.
sonny: yup all i gotta say is SHAMWOW!!
Joka:yup beware of shamwow imitators
Joka: SHAMWOW!!!!!!
JOKA & Sonny: all we gotta say is SHAM...WOW!!
by JokaSkullz August 31, 2008
To repeatedly strike a prostitute until she stops biting your tongue.

As made famous by Vince Offer aka the shamwow guy.
"Prostitute Survival 101: Do not be afraid to shamwow the prostitute if she attempts to bite your tongue"

"I was with this crazy prostitute last night who tried to bite my tongue...fortunately i was able to shamwow her and get away"

"Wow, that hooker just got shamwowed!"
by DVMWOW! April 01, 2009
The best invention since marijuana. (thank u god)
yeahhh i rolled my weed with a shamwow.
by Secretsandwich March 12, 2009
A term commonly used when one ejaculates on his girlfriend's face and then uses his penis as a squeegee to push semen into his girlfriend's mouth, whilst shouting "Sham Wow, Baby! Sham Wow."
Dude, I gave my girl a nasty facial last night, but don't worry, I "Sham Wowed" her 'til she was squeaky clean.
by Im_Gumby_Damnit March 19, 2009
The act of hitting someone with a sopping wet Shamwow

(The famous infomercial cloth that can hold up to 20 times its weight in liquid "the shamwow")
Don't piss me off cause I will Shamwow you!

JVB: Hey J wanna see my Thong?

J: Hell No!

JVB: Come on look at it!

J: You Pervert! Come any closer and I will Shamwow you!
by sfx-ladyj December 18, 2009
When a guy you thought was hot does something so unsexy that your vagina dries up in an instant.

The male equivalent of anti-viagra
Yeah, girlfriend...Rick and I were really getting it on and I was ready, and then he pulled out his tiny pencil dick and it totally shamwowed me....
by Piece Of Work February 27, 2010
1)That towel-absorbee you see every now and then on t.v. advertised by Vince Offer, a guy with a huge eyeball.

2)You use it dab up spills, then ring it dry, like magic.

3)The absorbee I put in front of my tub so I can jump out and roll myself dry, like magic

4)The last towel you'll ever buy, until it begins to stink

"It's a towel, it's a wipe, it's a mat, it's, it's...A ShamWow!"

"Now look into my eyeball and tell me you don't want one!"
by VinceOffer March 31, 2009