1)That towel-absorbee you see every now and then on t.v. advertised by Vince Offer, a guy with a huge eyeball.

2)You use it dab up spills, then ring it dry, like magic.

3)The absorbee I put in front of my tub so I can jump out and roll myself dry, like magic

4)The last towel you'll ever buy, until it begins to stink

"It's a towel, it's a wipe, it's a mat, it's, it's...A ShamWow!"

"Now look into my eyeball and tell me you don't want one!"
by VinceOffer March 31, 2009
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To repeatedly strike a prostitute until she stops biting your tongue.

As made famous by Vince Offer aka the shamwow guy.
"Prostitute Survival 101: Do not be afraid to shamwow the prostitute if she attempts to bite your tongue"

"I was with this crazy prostitute last night who tried to bite my tongue...fortunately i was able to shamwow her and get away"

"Wow, that hooker just got shamwowed!"
by DVMWOW! April 01, 2009
The best invention since marijuana. (thank u god)
yeahhh i rolled my weed with a shamwow.
by Secretsandwich March 12, 2009
When a guy you thought was hot does something so unsexy that your vagina dries up in an instant.

The male equivalent of anti-viagra
Yeah, girlfriend...Rick and I were really getting it on and I was ready, and then he pulled out his tiny pencil dick and it totally shamwowed me....
by Piece Of Work February 27, 2010
The sound classic comic book Batman makes when he punches a prostitute in the face.
"Oh no, I believe she is beginning to use her teeth!"


It was a close one, but Batman made it out alive.
by Skizla March 30, 2009
When your girlfriend thinks she is being cute by biting down on one of your body parts and you shout "Sham Wow Bitch!" while punching her in the face until she lets go.
Just like what the Sham Wow guy did except it was a hooker and he got arrested.
by Wish I was in Florida July 01, 2009
When you pay for a psychotic prostitute who tries to bite your tongue off.
Link to reference: http://gawker.com/5187540/shamwow-guy-beats-up-cannibal-hooker

Johnny: I gave Sally a pearl necklace.
Sally: I proceeded to ShamWOW Johnny! That will show him.
by importsnc March 29, 2009
The first and last shammy you'll ever need. Trust me, This thing does miracles. Works in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even your new boat.

Don't trust leading imitators!
-"Hey Jeff?"

-"Yeah Kwon"

-"Hand me that Sham-wow!"


-"Me and the wife just had sex"
by Kreg Keagy July 22, 2008

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