A girl who is at first sight cute, but at a closer look, she turns out to be ugly. She is friendly, but has a voice that will make you want to kill yourself, hence the fact that the whale Shamu squeaks. She is not a terrible person to be around, but gets jealous very quick if you ditch her for her hot friend. She is easy to get pissed off and is a slut to guys that she would only go out with just to get them to like her. At parties she will throw herself at guys, and pretends to be drunk so she can cover up how easy she is to get. Mainly found in high schools all around America.
Person 1: "Bro, look at that girl, shes hot!"
Person 2: "Are you kidding, shes ugly!"
Person 1: "Dammit, its just another Shamu."

Person A: "Yo, Amy told me she wants to hook up with me at the party on friday"
Person B: "Are you kidding! She told me that she didn't want to hook up with anyone! What a fucking Shamu!"
by Scal7 January 16, 2012
being pevicly thrusted by a fury marine mascott
while taking a picture
OMG! look at this photo! i got shamued!
by dutches01 June 07, 2010
1. A very popular exhibit at Sea World in Orlando,Florida

2. An extremely mean and unbelievebly obese music teacher.
1. When I went to Sea World yesterday, I saw Shamu.

2. "It's not doo dit doo doo dah"Shamu said angrily, "It's doo dit doo dit dah!!!!!"
by Shamu the whale June 13, 2010
to hump a woman with such force as if you are humping Shamu at Sea World.
Johnny shamued Maggie today, she said she was seriously humped.
by Graham Owen January 18, 2007
one who consumes much food yet remains completely thin, usually a joking term
We nicknamed her Shamu cause she just ate so much!
by abcorder32 March 26, 2009
a fat person with salt and pepper hair
Whales are fat and colored black & white, so therefore shamu is black & white, just like salt is white and pepper is black. Black & white make gray.
by GilaBend May 08, 2007
(v.) When a female is performing felatio for a male, and the male pulls out his penis right before he is about to ejaculate and then aims his penis in the female's ear, ejaculating in and around her inner ear.
My girlfriend went deaf after I decided to Shamu her.
by Tony Tonster June 04, 2006

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