Typically a really nice and trust worthy man, who will do anything to keep his partner happy. Does not like sadness and is always looking to save people and make things better.
Shamus is such a caring man.
by App June 11, 2014
Fat, annoying, gross and disgusting. But the whale at deep sea world well, he's awesome \m/
Kirsty:Ah man thats Shamu
Ross:Thats my fat assed sister
by Lola is my name April 18, 2009
The large girl at a bar or club that dances like she is the front runner for "So You Think You Can Dance" and hogs the dance floor or jumps up on the bar or table dancing like a trashy individual, but thinks she is God's gift to mankind.

Also the Killer whales at Sea World, but in a nightlife context refer to above definition.
Nick was cornered and tortured last night at the bar by that Shamu.

Did you see that whore trying to Shamu the club?
by Alluvuslove February 26, 2011
when you wear a bathing suit right after eating and your stomach protrudes.
Kelly: omg i just ate and i'm wearing a bathing suit
Lauren: omg you're totally shamuing right now
Brooklynn: omg me too
by kellauynn March 17, 2010
To ejaculate semen in your partner's mouth, then you sit on their stomach, causing them to blow the semen in the air, much like Shamu the whale
My girlfriend was giving me a B.J. as I came, I jumped on her stomach. She looked like Shamu the Whale.
by daentourage June 28, 2009
1. Killer whale of Sea World fame died in 1971. The term Shamu Show refers today to Whale exhibitions at Sea World.

2. (Most Popular) Something Big, Huge or dynamic proportions
Its the big Shamu on Sunday! We are going to court for the final judgment!
by antigmos May 29, 2013
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