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The aqueous substance that is the result water being added to a miniscule amount of shampoo remaining in the bottle to make use of that last little bit and extend the amount of time before more needs to be purchased.
Will you please pick up some Herbal Essences at the store today? I've been washing my hair with fuggin shampiss all week.
by OfficeBoi May 01, 2011
v. When an almost-empty bottle of shampoo is turned upside-down, and the shampoo that collects at the bottom spills out too fast when it's opened.

n. A practical joke involving urinating in another person's shampoo bottle. Also see shampee.
1. "God, I hate when I'm low on shampoo. I have to turn the bottle upside down."
"This is a problem how?"
"Well when I open the bottle, it tends to shampiss all over."

2. "That jackoff slept with my sister and never called her, so I made him some shampiss when I asked to use his bathroom yesterday. Serves him right."
by Pinkey_Sherbet July 14, 2009
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