it means come on
can be used in a moment of shock
shamone get ur ass in gear
some one gets a shock shamone!!
by jez to the rez January 22, 2004
1) A Worldwide holiday celebrated on June 25th that encourages charity, in an effort to "Heal the World".

2) A Michael Jackson themed party celebrated on June 25th according to
Hey girl, check out my red leather jacket I bought for the Shamone party on Friday?

That's dope, I'm wearing a sexy, short, tight, black dress, a fadora hat, a diamond crested glove and some diamond anklets like socks. I'm gonna be the sexiest girl at the Shamone.


I donated $1,000 to Haiti for Shamone.
by trulyo March 22, 2010
Originally coined by the great Michael Jackson, meaning, "come on". This incarnation was made new again by Whitney Huston on the television series, Being Bobby Brown. In a scene in which Whitney and Bobby go shopping for sunglasses, (findable on yout*be under,"Whitney and Bobby acting very crackish") Whitney enters the store feeling reeeeaaalllly good and exclaims, "Shamone!" This word now means. "I'm feeling so good today i just have to exclaim, "Shamone!"
-also, acceptable: Shamona!! for extra excitement!
-free pizza? Shamone!
-Gurlfriend, I look GOOD! Shamona!
by fiveashart May 24, 2014
More than a kiss but less than making out <3 <3
Maya and Noah shamoned this weekend.

by frazzledazzle April 07, 2011
Say it when you like something
Shamone, I like it sister
by Kiss my bad self November 10, 2003
A word to hurry someone up
"Shamone! Keep it moving"
by G August 20, 2003
amazingly cool
someone has anew hat
joe says "shamone thats a cool hat
by jez to the rez January 21, 2004

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