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The person you're compelled to fuck, even though they're not the hottest/sexiest/smartest or clever or remotely appealing to most people.
The guy is a pig. He's stupid and repulsive. I can't keep my hands off him. I don't know why I want him. He is my shamefuck.
#lay #booty call #boyfriend #girlfriend #pig
by Fifi Forgetmenott April 24, 2009
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A manipulative tactic; more specifically, the use of guilt-tripping to coerce someone into having sex (usually rough degrading sex) by making them feel ashamed and/or that they deserve to be punished or that by submitting to sex it will be making amends. guilt trip
Don't believe him, you did nothing wrong, he just wants to shame fuck you because he gets off on that sort of thing!
by Listopad November 03, 2015
Shamefuck: Someone who pressures another into sexual contact out of guilt or shame. A manipulative tactic that uses guilt and shame to coerce someone into sexual conduct in order to be punished or make up for something; to make someone submit to sex by degradation or shame.
He is making you feel guilty so he can use you however he wants; he is trying to get to shamefuck you.
by Listopad November 03, 2015
the one you sneak around to fuck, most likely somewhere that you are not known. you make a pact with her not to tell anyone because this is your Shamefuck
by Fact One February 29, 2016
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