(verb) Making an ass out of yourself by either falling, mistakingly answering someone when they are not talking to you, and or any embarrassing moments involving any type of sexual activity.
" i accidentally punched myself in the face today while trying to keep someone else from punching me. it was a total shamecloud."
by jewwww09 October 14, 2009
Top Definition
The helpless feeling one has when they wake up in the morning and realize they had no control over their drunken actions the night before, which may last for days. Is a mixture of anxiety, concerning the unspeakable things one may have done; and self-loathing, due to one's lack of ability to exercise discipline. The old adage, "time heals all" applies - except in the case of legal trouble or sexually transmitted disease.
Me: Dude I can't believe I blacked out and called that perfectly nice girl a whore for no reason...my shame cloud has been going strong all week

Nick: shame cloud is still following me after I pissed in the corner of your living room last week
by SorryBoutIt November 13, 2012
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