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A single word which completely encompasses and describes any person(s) who are totally mindblown, and Headshot and unable to think clearly, or not able to focus or concentrate on a single topic of thought, usually as a result of the use of intoxicating and/or illegal substance, causing lack of judgement, common sense, and the inability to communicate with others in an understandable, or indeed appropiate fashion.
Rhys: "Oh my God! Look at the state on Brendan! He can't even get his words out in the right order! Talking complete nonsense to himself and spinning out, he's full-on mental!"

Stuart: "I know, I think he must have taken something for his head to be in that much of a mess! Totally SHAMBOLISED! What a state to get into!"

Brendan: "Alright boys?"

Billy: "Yeah, you look well SHAMBOLISED tho fella!"

Brendan: " I am! lost in the woods, but I like it that way!"
by Captain Stuart Anthony May 07, 2010