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1. Shalynne is tone-deaf. She thinks she can sing.. but she can't. She's half a beat off and likes to clap on the offbeats... awkwardly. But she has gusto and lightens the mood. Often hilarious.

2. Crazy fun. The life of the party. The person everyone wants to be friends with and always gets all the invites. Shit ton of friends on facebook. Always willing to dance and put herself out there.
Person 1: Yo that concert was horrible.
Person 2: Yeah that singer was so Shalynne.
by CaptainKelly February 06, 2010
A beautiful kind and caring girl that tends to have a short temper. She loves basketball and is a great kisser.
Did you see that girl?

Yeah she was so shalynne.
by Skibrian April 20, 2013