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the best muimui you could ever have<3
Dumbass #1 : see that girl over there?
Dumbass #2 : yea what about her?
Dumbass #1 : that's my Shalynn.
by Phongy November 24, 2010
shalynn is the most amazing girl you could ever meet she is funny,beautiful,talented and the best thing you could ever have in your life she is often found being amazing at everything even being an angel and a devil at the same time not to mention her amazing ablility to make any1s day the best day of their lives! and a smile that could rule the world!
idiot#1: you see that shalynn girl?
idiot#2: yeah shes amazing isnt she?
idiot#1: i got perky boobs for shalynn!
idiot#2: OH my gawd lol me2 YOLO SWAG!
by mikekool7 January 07, 2013