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1. Shalita (proper noun)is a person who is artistic, graceful, and wise. She is fresh, refined, wild, innovative, enchanting, and ambitious. She is thoughtful. She is curious. She is a seeker of truth, enlightenment, and balance. The depth of her compassion is immeasurable. She is a survivalist- resourceful, stubbornly independent, and infallibly optimistic. A fierce and fearless lover, she is a screaming teapot of boiling passion. She is an anomaly of the urban persuasion.

2. Shalita (adj.) having intelligence, appropriateness, and modesty.

3. Shalita (adj.) an exhibition of an exceptional talent
1. Shalita's success in business and in the arts is only paled by her unmatched humanitarian efforts and activism on issues of global importance.

2. The movie star's gown was a shalita on the Red Carpet. It was sure to impress without going over the top.

3. The gymnast did a complete shalita with tens across the board, even from the Russian judge.
by Janeisbeingstalked February 03, 2010
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