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Replacement for should not or shall not to drive a pedant who is easily offended by ain't absolutely batshit crazy.
Nerd: "ain't" is not a word in the English language.
Dude: Well, I guess we shain't use that one no more then.

Exec: We need this done in 10 business days.
Staff: Well, I guess you better stop tossing the salad and approve the project then, shain't cha?
by milleym June 28, 2011
3 0
To faint whilst shitting. Usually after a particularly nasty curry or if suffering from a fever.
Did you hear that Ian shainted at work today.
by pb1979 June 16, 2011
11 1
liquid paint like shit that covers the inside of the toilet bowl after a explosive shit
After eating taco bell for lunch and supper i left shaint all over the toilet bowl
by roachburger July 13, 2009
9 4
When you are so scared that you faint and shit yourself...
Oh Crap, I just shainted myself...
by Jackalope97 June 04, 2011
2 2
the combination of the word she and ain't , so you don't have to say the two words seperate
Shain't gonna come to the party later on
by BigPoeticCanine August 02, 2010
2 4
Abbreviated form of "shit ain't".
My Boss wants me to work the weekend. That shain't happenin.
by V$ February 21, 2008
2 4
Shit covered taint. Gooey shit on taint
Doug shit himself and his taint was covered in it. Hence Shaint
by Shainty Devil July 17, 2006
7 12